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European Union seeks Africa’s support in Ukraine conflict

The European Union delegation in Tanzania has called for Africa’s support in what they have termed as atrocities being committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Eight ambassadors representing Poland, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain on Tuesday, March 22, convened a news conference at the French ambassador’s residence in Dar es Salaam.

Also present at the conference was the Ambassador of the EU delegation to Tanzania, Mr. Manfredo Fanti.

The appeal by the EU comes at a time when 17 African countries including Tanzania abstained from voting at the UN Security Council when the issue was brought to vote on March 1.

Leading the delegation was the French ambassador Nabil Hajlaoui, who expressed great dismay towards Russia’s aggression, and said that France along with the international community condemn the disregard to democracy and sovereignty exhibited by Russia.

He asked that Africa joins in condemning the brutal acts and insisted on adherence to international law.

EU delegation head Mr. Fanti said that Europe was unanimous in its rebuke against Russia and that through concerted global efforts peace would be restored.

Polish ambassador Krzysztof Buzalski warned of the rising humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and said that if the situation remains unchanged there is a risk of having a massive refugee crisis of up to eight million displaced people.

“Currently more than 3.5 million Ukrainians are displaced and some have sought refuge in neighbouring countries such as Poland,” said Mr. Buzalski.

The delegation said Africa’s show of support will go a long way in the manifestation of the global unity that exists in the approach against Russian acts.

Regarding claims and reported cases of racial discrimination against Africans fleeing the Ukraine war, Mr. Bulzalski said Europe is undivided in its discomfort against racism, and that such acts cannot and should not be tolerated.

On Tanzania’s decision to abstain from voting in the United Nations Resolutions condemning Russia’s invasion, the envoys said they respect Tanzania’s decision, but believe it is in the best interest of the country to rally against Russia.

Source: thecitictizen.co.ta

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