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Eno Barony Calls Out Nicki Minaj for a BEEF

Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony has called out American rapper Nicki Minaj in a desperate attempt to keep her newfound popularity climbing even higher.

Eno, in a new freestyle, completely slammed Nicki and said the U.S rapper thanks her God every day that she was not born American

Eno Barony has discovered over the past few weeks that beefing is very good for her career.

She’s taken on Sista Afia, Medikal and others in beefs which have helped elevate her to a level she has never enjoyed as a musician since the day she started her career.

So apparently desperate to keep that going, Eno has decided her next target should be Nicki Minaj.

Barony appeared on Hitz Fm and took a shot at Nicki during her freestyle.

Recently she also took another hit at MzVee in a rap freestyle but the dancehall star is yet to response

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