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E/R: Rainstorm displaces 280 people in six communities



Rainstorm disaster on Monday February 6,2023 has displaced two hundred and eighty(280) people in six Communities in Ayensuano District in Eastern region.

The affected communities ravaged by rainstorm are Akokrom, Kwaboanta, Kwaboanta Junction,Onakwase, Fawotirekosie and Docrochiwa.

Dozens of houses and buildings have been ripped off rendering occupants homeless.

Household items such as electrical appliances and other personal belongings have been destroyed by the rains.



The victims were temporally sheltered in church buildings and in rooms of friends.

Hundred school children affected by the rainstorm disaster could not go to school

The Acting District Director of the National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO, Richard Adu told Kasapa News the situation is devastating, however, the organization does not have any relief items to be distributed to the victims.

He, however, said assessment report has been sent to the Regional office for immediate intervention.



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