One of the deceased victims of the accident

A driver who drove into a partying crowd at Abura Tetsi in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region last Saturday ended up killing two people.

In addition, several people at the party sustained various degrees of injuries seeking medical attention.

According to information gathered, the party was not supposed to come on but organisers defied the ban on large public gathering to go ahead with the party.

The victims of the accident are Kwabena Krendo aged 31, and Yaw Yawson, age 41.

It is understood that the driver of the vehicle, a Ghanaian resident abroad and one of the organisers of the event lost control and drove into the crowd.

Nana Kwame Wontumi who is a spokesperson for the Abura Tetsi Royal Palace said the District Police Commander should be blamed for what happened.

“No chief in Central region is supposed to do any feast, or event or any other social gathering because of the president’s orders on Covid-19 protocols. Because of that, we wrote a letter to the district police commander of Abura Dunkwa and also [a] petition to the Regional House of Chiefs, even attached the letter from the Regional House of Chiefs to the Abura Dunkwa police commander so that he can attest to the fact that the regional house of chiefs has given orders that no chief in Central region is supposed to have any social gathering, feast or any event.

“But this commander couldn’t stop the people. This police officer, district commander allowed these people to do the programme. One of the organisers came all the way from abroad, he has no driving license, he has nothing, just drove carelessly into some of the event attendees killing two people instantly. Many of them are also injured,” Nana Kwame Wontumi told Starr FM.


In a twist to the story, Mr. Wontumi is alleging that the Police are making attempts to sneak the driver who is now a suspect out of the country on the blindside of everyone.

Reacting to the allegations, Abura Dunkwa Police Commander ACP John Paul Akonde says the allegations are not true.

He also claims that some chiefs in the community organized the party on the blind side of the police.

The Commander said the suspect has been released from custody on bail to seek medical attention.

“On Saturday when he went to hospital the investigator followed up and picked him. As I speak to you, yesterday he complained of body pain again and so we had no option than to release him to continue receiving his treatment. So as I speak to you he is on police enquiry bail. He was bailed by a surety,” ACP John Paul stated.