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Don’t see networking as ‘aho she sh3’ – Stonebwoy advises



He says in the current dispensation, there is a need for one to put conscious effort into building relationships.

Stonebwoy indicated that it is expensive to build networks across the globe, but it is a necessity in the current dispensation.

He was speaking to Berla Mundi at the Grammys in the United States of America.

“It didn’t take me two minutes, or I didn’t just fly to New York to get into that studio. I’ve been working over the past years, ready for opportunities, and when you’re prepared, when any opportunity comes, you’re overqualified.

“Continue to work while they are not watching, and by the time they turn an eye on you, you’ll be overqualified, and that’s how you get to wherever you’re going within a twinkle of an eye to some people, but they would not remember that you put in the work,” he said.

He continued, “Stonebwoy has been opening doors. Networking is expensive, and it’s not cheap no matter at what level it is. You have to put in the resources. Whatever the resource be, financial resources, however, you want to describe the resource, it’s expensive. The thing is again I want to bring the thing about the mindset. Naturally, where I come from, you’ll hear a thing like “)ye aho she sh3,” but you need to get out of that kind of mindset. It’s called networking; you need to connect to grow. These are simple nuggets we play with.”



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