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Don’t sack your staff who embezzle your money, here’s what to do – Businessman shows trick

Founder of the Kama Group of Companies, Michael K. Agyekum Addo

I don’t sack my staff when they steal – Businessman

Sacked employees will tarnish your company’s image – Agyekum Addo to employers

Adopt no sacking policy for your businesses to grow – Businessman urges

Some companies are dealing with embezzlement of funds by staff and most times, employers resort to the sacking of these culprits to let sleeping dogs lie.

But Founder of the Kama Group of Companies, Michael K. Agyekum Addo, has disclosed that he does not use this method anytime his staff misbehave or embezzle funds from his company.

He stated categorically that he does not sack persons who are found culpable of all allegations levelled against them.

Mr Addo explained that people who are sacked mostly tarnish the image of the company as well as push the blame on the employer.

Speaking on Asaaseradio, the businessman said, “Another thing which is so unique with my style is the fact that if you steal if you misbehave, I never sack anybody…I don’t sack. I know that it is the philosophy of so many people that the moment they catch you that you are stealing, you have embezzled, they sack you. I don’t sack, but others sack.”

“I know that the longest that such people stay in my business is three weeks. They feel so uncomfortable that they leave themselves. Why don’t I sack? I don’t sack because they will misinterpret and misinform the public that he didn’t do anything wrong and you just sacked him,” he stated.

He furthered that, “But if you sack yourself, then you don’t need to come and tell me that you didn’t do anything wrong and I sacked you, no. But I will prove to you that you added zeros, you did not put the money in the bank. I won’t use you again for certain sensitive positions and certain businesses. So you will be within the system and all the staff will know that you were a thief. You will not feel comfortable and you will leave yourself…”

Mr Addo said businesses will grow if employers adopt this strategy.

He pointed out that this strategy of not sacking staff has contributed to the growth of his businesses and this has won his company recognition as a Club 100 company. 


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