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Daddy Lumba passes on the legend torch to Kuami Eugene



During a recent interview on DL FM, a host called Daddy Lumba and showered him with praise, and this encounter led the veteran artiste to bestow the esteemed title upon the young artiste.

Daddy Lumba, known for his numerous hits and immense contribution to Ghanaian highlife music, noted that he sees great potential in Kuami Eugene and firmly believes in his ability to make an indelible mark on the global stage.

“I have given my title as the legend of all time to Kuami Eugene. Kuami, God bless you, may God make you great, may God let every dream you have come to pass, and just as you have started,” he said.

Daddy Lumba further emphasized the importance of Kuami Eugene starting every endeavour with God and maintaining a humble disposition throughout the journey and went on to express his unwavering support for Kuami Eugene, assuring him that his weight, influence, and well wishes would always be behind him.

“I have faith that you will conquer the whole world with your music. Keep it up,” Daddy Lumba humbly.

“All I can say is, in everything start with God and stay humble. Kuami we are throwing our weight behind you every time. God bless you, and may He make you great.”




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