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Cursed man goes motionless for stealing his friends’ phones



The incident, according to reports happened at Drobo, a town located in the Jaman South municipality in the Bono region.

According to the narrator of the video, Jaman Kwabena Kiss, the young man was cursed by his friends for stealing their mobile phones.

His friends, the narrator said, visited a shrine to curse the person who stole their phones but luck eluded him as he was affected by the curse spelt out on the culprit.

“He went to steal his friends’ phones at Drobo and his friends, out of sorrowfulness went to curse the thief…this young man standing there is the culprit. As I am talking to you now, Kosia kum tamfo in Jaman South has caught this man,” Jaman Kwabena Kiss said.

His static posture attracted several people to the scene.

While some expressed shock, others, pulled out their mobile phones to capture the scene.

Watch the video below;




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