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Coup plot: We wanted to keep Akufo-Addo in my uncompleted building – Witness



Coup Plotters Guns The two suspected coup plotters


Staff Sergeant Awarf Kojo Sule, of the Defence Intelligence Department of the Ghana Armed Forces, has told the High Court in Accra how he suggested that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should be kept in “his uncompleted building” at Adenta Housing when captured in an alleged coup.

Staff Sargent Awarf Sule, also revealed to the court how he recruited personnel of the military to feign interest in an alleged Coup when he was contacted.

Giving his Evidence-In-Chief to the court in an ongoing trial where Dr Frederick Mac-Palm, ACP Benjamin Agodzor and eight others are standing trial, he also told the court how he drew the map that was supposed to be the guide for the alleged coup.

Being led by the Director of Public Prosecutions Mrs Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa to give evidence, the witness said, he had all these meetings recorded both audio and video.

“We also discussed where we are going to send the President and his administrators when they are captured.

“I suggested that I have an uncompleted building at Adenta Housing and WOII Esther Saan suggested again that ‘that man must be killed,” he told the court.

Giving his testimony before a three-member panel of the court presided over by Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe, the witness said “sometime between April and May 2018 WOII Esther Saan contacted me on phone and asked me to come to her house for a discussion.”

He said, “I asked about the purpose of the meeting but she did not disclose same on the telephone conversation. So I went to her house at military academy training school, Teshie Camp. When I went there she informed me that a certain doctor wanted to meet us at Next Door beach for a meeting.”

According to him, “We drove in our separate vehicles to the said location. When we arrived I saw two people so we greeted and sat. The first person introduced himself BB alias Mr. Bright. Bright in turn introduced the second person as Dr. MacPalm, a doctor at citadel hospital, Alajo.

“Afterwards doctor informed us about his plans to overthrow the sitting government. He pointed out how NPP and NDC have failed the youth of this country so that is why he requires our assistance to advance his plan. He asked WOII Esther Saan and I to recruit soldiers as personnel to facilitate the coup detat. He also promised us positions in his administration when he takes over power. The meeting lasted for about 30 minutes and we all departed after we had some drinks.

The next morning I went to Col. Ansu (rtd.) at Ashaley Botwe to inform him about what had transpired between me, Dr. MacPalm and Bright.”

Accused persons

The 10 are ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo, Colonel Samuel Kodzo Gameli, Dr Frederick Mac-Palm, Donya Kafui, Bright Alan Debrah Ofosu, Johannes Zikpi, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Lance Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akanpewon and Warrant Officer (II) Esther Saan Dekuwine

They have all pleaded not guilty to respective charges ranging from Conspiracy to commit crime to wit; high treason, treason and Abetment.

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