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Chris Hemsworth applauds Ikorodu Bois for remake of Extraction 2 trailer



Stunned at the creativity of the young boys, Chris took to his Twitter page to retweet the video the Ikorodu Bois shared on their social media page.

In his tweet, the Australian movie star joked about the Ikorodu Bois taking over their jobs because of the incredible remake.

He wrote: “This is incredible. Looks like the @IkoroduB are trying to take our jobs from #Extraction2. Great work!!”

Some Nigerians stormed the actor’s comment section to share their thoughts.

@mideymidey: “I have a suggestion, make Extraction 3 about them and also feature them… Come to Africa and make the movie , trust me it’ll be the best chapter ever in this franchise… ”

@ill_nojie: “Deja vu moment for Nigerians ”

@FlightCalm: “Cool! We can’t figure out where the original is? ”

iamsupernaturalvictor: “Naaah! The hardwork they put into this cannot even be denied. ”

a4dabledesigns: “They are very skilled and even the Bible says the gift of a man will make room for him………this is just the beginning for them for sure great to see Nigerians being recognised in positive light”

Below is his tweet;




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