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PHOTOS+VIDEO: Nicki Minaj announces pregnancy

First came love, then came marriage and soon will come Nicki Minaj with a baby carriage. On Monday the rapper announced via her official social media accounts that she and husband Kenneth Petty are expecting. Minaj posted a photo showing her in what appeared to be a two-piece sporting a …

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Donald Trump reacts to Kanye West’s presidential bid

US President Donald Trump has reacted to Kanye West’s presidential bid, saying the rapper’s declaration to run for president is “very interesting”. Responding to West’s claim that he would run against him in the 2020 presidential election, Trump told reporters “He may,” during his interview with RealClearPolitics at the White House on Tuesday, …

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Amazon has bought a self-driving car company, Zoox

The company aims to build autonomous vehicles that people will be able to order like taxis, and will now do the same under Amazon’s direction, it indicated.   Zoox was developing robotic vehicles without steering wheels, brakes, and accelerator pedals, according to Independent. The news was first reported on Thursday …

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Trump orders statues be protected from ‘mob rule’

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order calling for protesters who target monuments to be imprisoned. The measure says anyone who damages a public statue must be prosecuted to the “fullest extent of the law”. Mr Trump’s order also calls for withholding federal funds from local jurisdictions and …

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Coronavirus: US hits record high in daily cases

The United States recorded an all-time daily high of 40,000 coronavirus infections on Thursday, figures from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) show. A recent surge in infections and hospitalisations has prompted the states of Texas, Florida and Arizona to pause reopening plans. Texas’s governor ordered bars to close and announced other …

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