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Bawumia’s Security detail failed him at Fetu Afahye festival – Dr Aning

Security Analyst with the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre, Dr Kwesi Aning has slammed Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s poor security arrangement when he joined the people of Cape Coast to celebrate Fetu Afahye Festival over the weekend.

According to him, the lapses in the security of the Second Gentleman of the land exposed him to serious danger.

Speaking to Starr News, Dr Aning stated that both the Office of the Vice President and the Central Regional Minister must take the matter up.

“Victoria Park has only one entrance for vehicles, so the Vice President entered with about ten or twelve vehicles, they all parked in front of the dais but there was no plan about the entry, the stoppage and the parking. So the Vice President gets out and the next five to seven minutes all these cars are struggling to reverse and find a place to park. Now, that is totally unprofessional and that is not proper security.

“One would have expected that knowing that there’s only one entrance and exit there would have been a plan in place that allows him to alight, his car moves away, other dignitaries also park their cars for the dignitaries to alight in a manner that is orderly, secured and in case of any unforeseen circumstances can lead to the evacuation of those who ought to be evacuated. What happened at Victoria Park on Saturday was totally unacceptable and put our dignitaries in the line of danger.”

“There’s a lackadaisical attitude to security and the protection of our VVIP in which we think top speed is security, we need to be a little up and doing when it comes to our VVIP.

“The lackadaisical attitude,… I won’t be punished if I fail, and people tend to think that when they dress in that star wars type clothing that is security, that is not security! You’ve got to have a clear assessment, understanding, perception of where you are that the VVIP is coming to, Victoria Park definitely on Saturday, those securocrats who were there failed in their performance. I hope the Regional Minister is listening and the next time they go for a regional security meeting he should demand a report and certainly our Vice President himself hopefully will demand a report. Because what happened I’m sure he must have noticed it, it was far from satisfactory.”


Source: kasapafmonline.com

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