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Akuapem Poloo receives cash gift from Shatta Wale, kisses him on the lips




Akuapem poloo and Shatta Wale sharing a kiss in public

Akuapem Poloo hangs out with Shatta Wale

Akuapem Poloo and Shatta Wale’s kiss draws public attention

Akuapem Poloo freed from prison

A video making rounds on social media captures Akuapem Poloo kissing Shatta Wale in public after the latter gifted her a bundle of cedi notes for her son’s upkeep.

The actress who was recently freed from prison has witnessed tons of donations pouring in even prior to her release from the Nsawam Female’s prison.

It was in this light that Shatta Wale who perhaps wanted to also show some love to the actress paid her a surprise visit one evening and gifted her son some cash.

Poloo in all excitement screamed her lungs out and in return kissed Shatta Wale on the lips to show her appreciation.

The video which was first shared by Akuapem Poloo via Instagram on Saturday, January 9, 2021, has since drawn countless reactions from individuals on social media.

Some have warned the actress from her incessant habit of kissing male celebrities and this is in reaction to a similar development where Akuapem Poloo publicly kissed DKB.

Others are of the view that Shatta could use this as an opportunity to lure Poloo into his bed.

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