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‘Agnes Owusu Afriyie’ is not Sir John’s wife – Charles Owusu




Executor of the late Sir John's Will, Charles Owusu

Charles Owusu named Executor of Sir Jonh’s Will

Charles Owusu sued over sharing of Sir John’s properties

Madam Akosuah Darkoah makes allegations of being sidelined in the sharing of Sir John’s properties

The Executor of the late Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie’s (Sir John) will, Charles Owusu, has stated that he knows no spouse of the deceased former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party called Agnes Owusu Afriyie (Mrs).

According to Charles Owusu, the will left behind by the late Sir John, as well as other supporting documents from his lawyer, does not support the existence of a supposed spouse with such an identity.

“As to whether there’s someone called Mrs Agnes Owusu Afriyie who is a wife of Sir John, I called the lawyer of Sir John who prepared his will and asked him whether someone with such an identity was named as a spouse so I can go ahead and engage such person; he said no. So as I sit here, I have no idea of a person called Mrs Agnes Owusu Afriyie who is a wife of Sir John,” he told Kofi Adomah Nwanwani during an interview.

The disclosure by Charles Owusu comes at the back of a suit filed by one Mrs Agnes Owusu-Afriyie, who has identified herself as a widow of the late Sir John, over what she says are attempts to sideline her in the sharing of properties belonging to the deceased.

According to the plaintiff, Charles Owusu and one Nana Boakye Akeampong of Old Tafo, who were jointly appointed by the late Sir John as Executors of his will, have gone ahead to read a supposed will of the deceased without her knowledge as Mrs Owusu-Afriyie four months after her husband’s death.

It is the argument of her lawyer that the will failed to make “reasonably adequate provisions” for her, and several attempts to sit down with the family, including the executors of the will has failed.

The complainant, also known as Akosua Darkoah, notes that there are attempts by the family and the executors of Sir John’s will to deny her a fair share of her husband’s properties and has thus asked a court to restrain the executors from going ahead with the sharing of his properties.

Charles Owusu confirms the identity of Akosua Darkoah

In his interview with Kofi TV, Charles Owusu noted that Madam Akosuah Darkoah, otherwise known as Agnes Boakye, is a named beneficiary in the will of the late Sir John.

He maintained that to the best of his knowledge, even though there existed a relationship between Madam Akosuah Darkoah and the deceased, he had no idea of them being married.

“I can’t tell if she was just a girlfriend. The truth is that seven years after I started walking with Uncle (Sir John), which will be five years ago because I followed Uncle for close to ten years, I met this woman called Agnes Boakye, also known by some people as Akosuah Darkoah, who was resident in London.

“From time to time, she used to come around, sometimes once in a year, and I used to see her around. I will not deny that I haven’t seen her before; I saw her and the man (Sir Jonh) severally, but it is not up to me to say she was a wife or she wasn’t a wife,” he added.

According to Charles Owusu, despite claims by the plaintiff that the properties have been shared, that is not the situation. He notes that due process is being ensured in the distribution of the properties in conformity with the dictates of the will of the late Kojo Owusu-Afriyie alias Sir John.

“I am not a family member of Sir John. I happened to have walked with him, and so I don’t have a position. I am on the side of the will. I can’t be on the side of the family, his children or any other person mentioned in the will. I can only be neutral and ensure that his wishes are followed,” he stated.

The late Sir John, a former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party who died on July 1, 2021. A politician and legal practitioner, Sir John, at the time of his death, was the serving Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission of Ghana.

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