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Achimota School is still in Appeals Court to get Rasta student out – Report



Achimota School and the Attorney-General’s office in 2021 filed an appeal challenging the High Court’s order that the school admit the dreadlocked student, Tyrone Marhguy insisting the Court erred in its judgement. They are still pursuing the case in the Court.

The Attorney General had stated in its appeal that: “The learned Judge erred when she held that the regulation of the 1st Respondent requiring that students keep their hair low amounted to an illegal and unconstitutional attempt to suspend the manifestation of the Applicant’s guaranteed freedom to practice and manifest his religion…The learned Judge erred when she held that Respondent’s actions of asking the Applicant to step aside during the registration process are a violation of his right to dignity, especially when the 2nd Respondent had disputed the veracity of that fact.”
Tyrone Iras Marhguy is back in the news following his inclusion in the NSMQ team of the school.



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