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5 reasons eye contact is important during sex



Couple In Bed

Being in love and staying in love sometimes stems from the way one’s intimate life is maintained.

It is hard to keep relationships these days since there are so many external forces trying to stop a strong relationship from soaring high.

Therefore, it is important for couples to save the most important thing that keeps them glued to each other going, which is sex.

Sex is a bond of two souls that deeply goes beyond the physical, hence the need for couples to express eye contact as a way of expressing their love or communicating what the mouth can’t say when the action is being done.

Doing the following easily helps a relationship to grow steadily and strong.

According to some points picked from the following points are important during sex:

Increase trust

Eye contact during sex reveals one’s most innermost self to their partners. This means that you are building a trustworthy relationship. You can also find out how your partner reveals himself to you.

Show interest

Looking into your partner’s eyes while making love sparks interest. This improves our partner’s feelings and confirms that you are paying attention and responding to his every move.

Increase self-confidence

When you look into your partner’s eyes, it means giving your partner confidence. Eye contact also exhibits total surrender, giving one’s partner a chance to peek into their soul. This kind of surrender grows trust and strengthens the bond they have.

Maintain connection

Making someone feel desired, especially by a partner, has sex drive up. This connection can only happen if you and your partner maintain a certain amount of eye contact.

Improve chemistry

Keeping eye contact for one-minute triggers the brain to produce phenylethylamine. The effect is increased pleasure, the sensation of a heartbeat makes you feel like you are flying above the clouds.

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