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46-year-old man lynched at Adansi Asokwa over alleged property damage



A 46-year-old man, Abraham Kwadzo Goka, has been brutally lynched at Adansi Asokwa.

Family members are now pleading for the intervention of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and the government to ensure that a pharmacy owner, who they accuse of orchestrating the attack, is brought to justice.

During a visit by Adom News to the family’s residence at Agyiriba near Tonkoase number 2 in the Ashanti region’s Adansi South district, Eli Hamenu, the Abusuapanin (family spokesperson), shared their side of the story.

He revealed that the alleged perpetrators claimed that the deceased had caused extensive damage to their pharmacy shops.

He questioned the morality of taking someone’s life as a response to property damage, noting that there were surveillance cameras at the scene that could serve as evidence.

He passionately appealed to both the IGP and the government to provide assistance to the family in apprehending the pharmacy owner and ensuring appropriate legal action is taken.

Ahmed Ishmael, the assembly member of the Adansi Asokwa electoral area, recounted his own experience with the incident.

He stated that when he arrived at the scene to verify the report, the victim was still alive but severely injured within the pharmacy he was accused of damaging.

He promptly reported the situation to the relevant authorities but was devastated to later learn of the victim’s passing. He took the opportunity to caution the public against taking justice into their own hands.

The pharmacy owner declined to comment in front of the cameras.

The Adansi Fomena district commander has confirmed the death of the deceased and announced that the body has been conveyed to the morgue for post-mortem examination.

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