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3 Reasons why men love ladies with Big Backside


In fact, every woman wants some curvature at the rear, many women say they feel sexy and great about themselves when their ass looks good.

This is exactly the reason why buttocks augmentation or artificial butt lift is on the rise among women. Little do they know that artificial can never be like natural. For women, no one wants to be left behind in the race to having big butts.

Some female celebrities have successfully built a brand out of their big butties. Celebrities such as Moesha Boduong, Hajia Bintu, Princess Shyngle and others.

Apart from their facial beauty, nice hair, character, and how sexy they are, there are also other reasons why many guys love big butts ladies.

1. Ladies with Big Butts Are More Feminine

Amongst many reasons, many men see big butts to be more feminine. Ladies with a flat ass feel intimated. A beautiful woman with a curvy round ass walking by the street will catch the eyes of all men, no matter what the men are doing.

2. For Attention

Some men prefer to be seen with women with big backsides because of the attraction they get. It’s an ego thing among men. It raises their profile and makes them feel on top of the world.

For instance, some men know that if they walk with heavenly endowed ladies in public people will stare at them. Some men even get turned on when they see women with big butts. It’s one of the first thing they discover in women.

3. Sexuality

Another reason why most men love women with heavy backsides is the mentality that these women are always very sweet on bed when compared to the ones who aren’t endowed.

Is this really true?

What has having big butts got to do with being a better lover?

Scientifically, men are genetically wired to be attracted to curvy women. Women with big butts tends to have lot of admirers.

NB: The information in this article is based on my personal opinion.

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