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Omicron variant dominates cases in Ghana – Noguchi



Omicron Variant fast spreading in Ghana. File photo

Dr. Kofi Bonney, a Senior Research Fellow at The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), has revealed that the new variant of the coronavirus, omicron is the fastest spreading virus and has the most recorded cases in the country.

He disclosed the omicron virus has the ability to spread faster compared to the other variants, however, its effects are not as fatal with most people recovering from the virus on their own after suffering short illnesses.

“The Omicron virus is now very predominant among the number of recorded cases. It has the ability to really spread fast. Most of the people who have COVID-19 are mostly with the Omicron variant. We conducted what we call genetic sequencing or genomic sequencing and the results indicated that the omicron variant has affected more people compared to the delta variant. Omicron has proven to be more infectious than delta and is taking over now. The research also indicated that the effects of the virus are not severe. It spreads faster and makes you ill for some time, but you’ll recover as shown by most of the cases especially those who have been vaccinated,” Dr. Kofi Bonney explained to Samuel Eshun during an interview on the Happy Morning Show.

The Noguchi researcher also indicated that Ghanaians have a poor attitude of going to hospitals and getting tested for the virus.

“Looking at it, we don’t have a lot of hospitalized cases which means a lot of people don’t go to the hospitals. People go to the hospital with severe cases but they are not quantifiable. Nevertheless, the symptoms of the new variant are not a lot and as dire as Delta with only a few severe cases recorded so far. It doesn’t make people fall very ill and the hospitalization rate is also low,” he explained.

According to the Ghana Health Service, as of December 28, only 8, 458, 155 people have been vaccinated out of over 30 million of the country’s population. Dr. Kofi Bonney, therefore, encouraged Ghanaians to take the jab to possibly slow down the rate at which the virus spreads.

“Should you witness symptoms like body pains, joints pains, or have any feverish conditions among other symptoms associated with COVID-19, it is best to go to the hospital to get checks done,” he advised.



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