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Watch how Policeman sexually harrases woman in car




The lady while defending herself, pushed the policeman’s hand from her body with one hand

Lady defends herself from policeman’s sexual harrasment

If you do, I will slap you, you will never forget, policeman threatens lady

Ghana’s law forbids public display of sexual acts

A viral video has emerged on social media showing a policeman man harassing a lady in a car.

The 10-second video on Twitter showed the policeman being violent on the lady in the Toyota car.

The clip shows the lady sitting in the passenger seat of the car with the door open. The police officer who seemed to be kneeling on the ground beside the lady, had his head on her thighs, as though he was kissing them. He then moved his hands over his victim’s thighs heading to her private part.

But the lady who wasn’t happy with what was happening kept asking her attacker, “what are you doing? What are you doing?”

In what continued to transpire between the lady and the policeman, the policeman could be heard threatening to physically abuse the lady if she did not stay still.

“If you do I will slap you, you will never forget,” was what he said while touching her in unwanted places.

In the background, a male voice could be heard saying, “I’m not doing anything” while being interrogated.

The policeman in the car then asked the lady why she was naked if she wasn’t doing anything. In his words, “You are not doing anything and you are naked.”

The lady, while defending herself, pushed the policeman’s hand from her body with one hand but the policeman shoved her hand off when he realized he was being recorded.

Some social media users alleged that the lady was having sex in the car with someone. Although it is unlawful to have sex in public places, it did not justify the policeman’s actions.

Watch the video below:




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