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HOT VIDEO: Obaapa Christy offers free sex tips to women




Obaapa Christy is a popular Ghanaian gospel singer, songwriter

Obaapa Christy schools Ghanaian women

Obaapa Christy recommends good sex as solution to most marital problems

Obaapa Christy talks about her marriage

Ghanaian gospel singer, Obaapa Christy has advised women to cultivate the habit of boldly asking their husbands for sex whenever they are in the mood for it.

She disagrees with the popular assertion that men should be the ones to always initiate sex.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM’s Ola Michael, the ‘sue me’ hitmaker said women must step-up their game and make their homes more fun and pleasurable.

“There are some women that when they are in the mood for sex, they don’t know how to relay the information. Try to play with your husband ladies. Losen up a bit. Don’t be too serious and don’t take everything personally. Make your home full of joy and laughter. When each partner is happy, it opens a lot of doors,” she stated.

Obaapa Christy also believes that the one top secret to a happy home is when both partners have a fulfilled and active sex life.

“This is a top-secret I’m telling you. I’m a clear example. Look how happy I am. Just look at my skin color. Everything is going on well.” She added.

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