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VIDEO: Rev Opambour drops a “diss” song for Nana Addo



Opambour - Nana Addo

Self-styled Nation prophet, Rev Opambour has reacted to the tagged suicidal 2022 budget during one of his live sermons on his privately-owned TV station.

According to Rev Opambour, it’s common sense defying for the government to scrap the money collected at the various toll booths and transfer them on electronic money transactions.


Whiles preaching on his P1 TV station, Prophet 1 who has very strong opinions and refuses to accept that they may be wrong dropped a short freestyle for Nana Addo concerning the present hardships in the country.

In the song, he lamented over how poor people are going to suffer the most from this debatable E-levy which he deem as an insensitive move on the part of the Akufo Addo-led NPP government.

In the freestyle, sublime hotshots were thrown at Nana Addo and the finance minister for making Ghana Hell on Earth.

Many Ghanaians also share the same sentiments with Rev Opambour. Even the minority in parliament has blasted the finance minister for imposing too much taxes on Ghanaians.

Check out the video below to know more…



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