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A ball of Kenkey in Northern Region costs GH¢3 cedis – Report




A ball of kenkey costs GH¢3 cedis in the North

• The increment in bag of maize is the cause of the high cost of Kenkey

• A usual ball of kenkey in Accra is GH¢2 cedis

• Kenkey is one of the most consumed food in Ghana

The price of a ball of Kenkey in Tamale in the Northern Region costs GH¢3 cedis, a report by TV3 Ghana has revealed.

The price hike in demand for Kenkey is a result of maize shortage in Ghana which has resulted in increases in food prices.

According to some Kenkey vendors, they now buy a 100kg bag of maize for GH¢600 cedis, a price which was half of it a year ago. This is a 100 percent increment in the sale of the price of a bag of maize.

The region which is known as the food basket of Ghana is gradually becoming an expensive place to live.

According to the report, consumers often buy two balls of kenkey since the size of Kenkey hasn’t been appreciated.

Meanwhile, the price of Kenkey in Accra is GH¢2 cedis, with others going for GH¢1.50 pesewas at most food joints.

The staple food is one of the most consumed food in the country which is considered for the common.



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