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Meet Ewurama Despite, wife of business mogul, Dr Kwame Despite



Ewurama Despite 1.jpegWife of Dr Osei Kwame Despite, Ewurama


• Ewurama is the wife of Dr Osei Kwame Despite

• She has for years kept a low profile

• The couple have been captured in a new photo

Business mogul, Dr Osei Kwame Despite, has for years, managed to keep his personal life away from the public eye, including his wife, popularly called Ewurama Despite.

Although not much is known about Ewurama, she always shows up at family occasions including weddings and christening.

The stepmother of Kennedy Osei, better known for his lavish wedding dubbed KENCY2020, took the center stage at her son’s union which became the talk of time.

The power couple, Dr Kwame Despite and his wife, have been captured together in yet another breathtaking photo where they were adorned in a white outfit.

Ewurama who is fair in complexion is graciously beautiful. She is believed to be in her early 50’s.

For those who have been wondering who could be the wife of Despite, here are photos of the woman with class, Ewurama.



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