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Meet Ghana’s dancing Referee: The referee who entertains footballers and fans during games



Ghanaian community referee, Alexander Cofie

• Referee Somo has added dancing to his officiating job

• He says dancing at match venues is his way of entertaining spectators at match venues

• Somo is a community referee in Bukom, a suburb of Accra

Ghanaian community referee, Alexander Cofie also known as referee Somo, has trended widely on social media and has enjoyed some traditional media mileage and it has nothing to do with officiating.

Ghanaian referees especially those who officiate in the Ghana Premier League and the other lower division trend due to their performances in a game.

The trends about referees on social media are often about their bad officiating and blatant calls during games and they are often suspected of taking bribes due to the scenes that were displayed in the Anas Number 12 expose.

But referee Somo has trended in the past few days on social media due to the entertainment aspect he adds to his officiating crafts.

Alexander Cofie grabbed public attention after videos of him dancing on the football field to entertain people went viral.

He was spotted on videos showing his dance moves during and after the games he was officiating.

Referee Somo told TV3 in an interview that he chose to dance at the match venue after games because the spectators especially those from the losing side often looked bored after games.

“I dance to entertain spectators because they looked bored so it’s my own way of entertaining them by dancing. I have been dancing for a while and before I officiate games, I like to make jokes to create atmosphere especially at halftime when there is no goal.”



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