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Ghana To Host IFBB West Africa Championship In 2022



The President of the Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (GBFA), Mr Abdul Hayye Yartey had a successful meeting Yesterday with the President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Dr. Raphael Santonja and the President of the African Federation of Bodybuilding (AFBB) Dr Adeel Fahim at the ongoing World Bodybuilding Championship in Santa Susanna, Barcelona, Spain.

Many important issues were discussed, especially about the development of Bodybuilding in Ghana and Africa.

Both Presidents saw President Yartey as a huge Figure that could help the development of the sport bodybuilding in Africa and has been tasked him to put in more works to help develop the Sports in Africa. Dr Raphael said “ you are a very hard working young man and I am very impressed with the level of development that you’ve brought to Ghana Bodybuilding. Some years ago Ghana was nowhere to be seen in the world of Bodybuilding.

“You have worked very hard to put Ghana on the world map when it comes to Bodybuilding but I feel you have great potentials to do more and we will love you to do more for us”. They jokingly asked Mr Yartey to go out of football and concentrate on bodybuilding for him

Amongst other issues discussed, was the IFBB Judging Seminar ( First Ever Judging Seminar) to be held in Ghana, a West Africa Bodybuilding Championship to be staged in Ghana, and having Bodybuilders from Ghana compete internationally

The IFBB has also decided to help Ghana with medals, Number tags, executives and Officials of the IFBB to attend the National Championships of Ghana amongst others

The GBFA President, Mr Yartey took the opportunity to thank the President of the IFBB for the love shown to Ghana and his effort to ensure Athletes from Ghana participate in the ongoing world Championship

Mr Yartey also thanked Dr Adeel, President of the AFBB for his first introduction into the bodybuilding fraternity on the African continent

Mr Yartey also assured both Leaders that he was going to do his possible best to help push the development of Bodybuilding in Ghana and beyond.

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