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VIDEO: I will lead this demo, we will block roads – Old video of Sosu emerges




The Madina MP speaking to some of his constituents

• Video of MP speaking to constituents ahead of October 25 protest emerges

• Chaotic scenes including blockage of roads and burning of tyres were recorded at protest

• Police on the trail of MP as a person of interest

The Member of Parliament for Madina appears to be in the books of the Ghana Police Service as he has successfully evaded two arrest attempts less than a week.

The MP according to the police, has become a person of interest in their investigations into the chaos that occurred during a demonstration lawyer Xavier Francis Sosu led in his constituency over bad roads on Monday, October 25, 2021.

Despite the MPs defense that he did not encourage or supervise the blocking of roads or burning of tyres during the protest as is being alleged by the police, a video has emerged in the midst of the controversy, giving some form of credence to the narrative of the police.

Despite the exact time of the video still being unknown, the obvious is that it was taken before the staging of the protest.

In the video sighted by GhanaWeb, the MP is seen speaking to a group of his constituents about the imminence of the protest.

While engaging his constituents in the Ga language, the MP stated that he was going to lead the protest to bring the attention of the powers that be to their plight in relation to the deplorable state of their roads.

He goes ahead to state that not only was he going to lead the protest but was going to ensure the blockage of the roads as a means of drumming home their demands for roads within the Madina constituency to be fixed by government.

Meanwhile, lawyer Xavier-Francis Sosu has appeared on #SayItLoud on GhanaWeb TV where he spoke about his first attempted police arrest escape and other matters.

Watch the MP speaking to his constituents ahead of the protest and his appearance on #SayItLoud below:



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