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I’ve never taken bribe or payola in my life – KKD



Ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah popularly known as KKD

Ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah popularly known as KKD has disclosed that he has never taken a ‘payola’ or bribe in his life.

According to him, music is a product of culture and our airwaves are for Ghanaians to benefit from.

“We may promote others but we must spend our airwaves to promote more of our own, as they do in the United States, India, and as they now do in Nigeria.

“So, when I look at a young DJ, who comes on air, and is so keen on playing more music from any other place than Ghana, the first thing I say is he needs to be taken off air and retrained because he doesn’t even understand why he is air.”

The Fashion icon says Ghanaians make beautiful music and need to promote their own.

He further explained that he does not have a problem if someone is playing foreign music in their homes, but when given the opportunity to use the Ghanaian airwaves, that person owes a responsibility to the Ghanaian public to give them a minimum of 70 % of airtime, playing Ghana’s own music.

His Royal Blackness made this disclosure during an interview on the GTV Breakfast Show on November 2, 2021.

KKD the finest also touched on fashion, style, and culture. He said fashion itself is one of the subsets of culture.

“If you are not a nudist, you are into fashion. If you don’t walk around naked, you are into fashion.”

He told Valerie Danso, Host of Showbiz Breakfast that there is a fashion ‘food chain’ which includes, old couture, super brands, designer brands, high street stores, budget stores and beneath it is thrift stores.

“Once you find your level, whatever you can afford, then you find, colour, occasion, weather, style, that’s how you dress.”

The Master of Ceremonies added that ‘used clothing’ is becoming a big thing all over the world, however, the sad thing is that Ghana is becoming a dumping ground for used clothing.

He, therefore, urged the public to sort goods out before bringing them down to Ghana.

KKD also appealed to the government to ban used brassieres and underwear. ‘It is totally unacceptable’ he stressed.



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