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VIDEO: Ghanaians abroad mostly work as cleaners – Woman discloses



A 53-year-old woman, Matilda Agyapomaa, has disclosed that Ghanaians travel abroad especially the UK to work as cleaners because of several reasons such as educational qualification, proper documentation or selfishness.

In an interview on Daily Hustle in the United Kingdom, Matilda told DJ Nyaami that Ghanaians in London just as anywhere else are selfish and do not want to help newbies with better jobs.

She called the cleaning job among the Ghanaian community as an induction into the city.

“They’ll say I did cleaning when I first arrived so you must do the same. I have five Pakistani supervisors and what they do is contribute and search for a house and a job for anyone coming here. So the person does not suffer. Among Ghanaians, all we do is attend funerals and events,” she explained on SVTV Africa.

Matilda added that some also do not have the needed qualification or documents for better-paying jobs.

“When we come here, all we think about is looking for money to pay the person who helped them come here or take care of family. So they don’t get to attend school to improve upon themselves. Others just don’t have the papers to work,” she added.

Matilda is a mother of five who takes care of five other people she brought to the UK.

Watch the interview below:

Source: SVTV Africa


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