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Thieves steal transformer in Denu



People suspect scrap dealers as those who stole the transformer

• Some communities in Denu in the Volta region are facing power challenges

• Unidentified thieves have cut short the main electricity supply to the area

• People suspect scrap dealers as those who stole the transformer at Denu

Several cases of robberies have been recorded in recent times. The latest to join the list is the stealing of a transformer in Denu in the Volta region.

The 100kwA transformer, stolen by thieves has left parts of the people of Hatsukofe and Atsapui sleeping in darkness.

This is because they have been cut off from their main electricity supply line.

In photos shared by Revival 99.3 FM on Facebook, the electrical wires have been cut, the metallic parts have been unscrewed and left on the ground.

It is however suspected that the act was carried out by scrap metal dealers who usually end up removing the copper wires used in transformers.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and some network providers are usually the victims of such acts.

Aside the transformers, some thieves also steal fibre optic cables usually buried under the ground by network services providers.

Click photos to see the transformer taken and dismantled by the suspected thieves



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