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Man contracted by his uncle to kill his friend over land confesses



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A 27-year-old man, Francis Carlos Ainoo is living in fear for exposing his uncle who contracted him to assassinate his friend.

Ainoo told that although he exposed the intentions of his uncle, Kwame Oluman, who was the development Chief of the Assin Fosu traditional area and did not carry out the deed, he was arrested and detained for two months and two weeks in handcuffs at Assin Fosu police cells.

He says life has now become difficult for him since he escaped from the sight of his uncle.

He asserted that his uncle bought a locally made pistol for him to kill his friend, Kwamena Hayford over a parcel of land. He said although he was shocked by his uncle’s action, he accepted to execute the task for fear of losing his life because he could be a target for his uncle who has revealed a lot of his secret deeds to him.

“I was very close to my uncle because I run most of his errands for him. My uncle, his friend, Kwamena Hayford, and another woman had a dispute over a piece of land. My uncle told me, Kwamena had killed the woman so I should also kill Kwamena for him,” he indicated.

Ainoo recalled that his initial contact with Kwamena to break the news to him was not smooth as the latter did not cooperate. He said after further efforts to break the news to him, Kwamena admitted he sensed danger around him but he could not point fingers.

“Kwamena told me that, his shirts and other items got missing mysteriously but he could not tell who was behind it,” he said.

He added, “I wanted to escape my uncle’s fury so I asked Kwamena to take photos of himself portraying he had been killed so that I would show it to my uncle that I had done the job but he refused and made us report the case to an officer of the National Investigation Bureau (NIB).”

Ainoo indicated that, after the NIB officer took him to their head office in Accra for questioning, they reported the case to the Assin Fosu Divisional police where the gun and his phone which had the audio recording of his uncle taken from him for investigation by the officers.

“When we were about to leave the police station, my uncle called me and was complaining that he had not seen any evidence of the act and he was hearing that Kwamena had gotten wind of his intention. Immediately after the call, the police officers detained me with handcuffs,”

Three days later, he said he was arraigned before court together with his uncle who was invited later by the police. He said his uncle denied the charges he leveled against him so the court detained them. “While we were in custody, my uncle was using his phone and with the help of his colleagues, he was freed. However, I remained in cells for two months, two weeks till my sister came to my aid to bail me,” he stated.

Ainoo indicated that the court continued to adjourn the case ‘as if it was not willing to sit on the issue so it has become a foolish case.’

He said his uncle has since been destooled and the whole family including his own parents has turned against him and his sister.

“For fear of my life, I have left Assin Fosu to live with a friend at Kasoa. Life has not been easy. One day, I walked from Kasoa to Winneba junction,” he said.

In a phone call with Ainoo’s sister, she confirmed his narration.

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