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Woman dies after unsuccessful butt enlargement surgery



A New York City-based Ghanaian woman has died after a botched Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

The woman, who flew from NYC to Miami for the surgery, is said to have passed on in the early hours of Saturday, October 2.

According to her niece, who made the revelation, the curvaceous woman could not even flaunt her artificial backside before complications set in.

She is said to have been in and out of hospitals before finally breathing her last

“My aunt died from a BBL procedure today. I’m not shaming BBLs at all but learn to love yourself before social media makes you feel like you aren’t enough. I’m gonna miss her crazy fun self so much. May her soul rest in perfect peace,” the netizen posted.

She left behind two daughters aged nine and 14

The netizen used the opportunity to advise ladies to research the procedure and how to treat complications before they decide to go under the knife.

BBL surgery is one of the most dangerous surgeries. It leaves complications such as blood clot, excessive blood loss, cardiac and pulmonary complications and deep vein thrombosis


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