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TRENDING VIDEO: Groom ‘abandons’ wife to dance with female guest at their wedding reception




A picture of the groom dancing with his guest whiles his friends cheer him up

• Twitter is on fire over a groom who abandoned his wedded wife for another woman

•He seemed to be enjoying every bit of the dance with the woman

• His wife finally joined others on floor after being abandoned by husband

A video circulating on Twitter has shown a groom dancing with a female guest at his wedding instead of his newly wedded wife.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, with varied opinions, shows the lady winding and shaking her waist while the groom hurriedly leaves his wife to go and catch a bit of the action during their wedding reception.

While this goes on, friends of the groom and other wedding guests are seen cheering him on while his wife looked on seemingly dejected.

The bride, who appeared to be uncomfortable after her husband ‘abandoned’ her to go and dance with another woman, eventually made her way to the dance floor, after which her husband left his ‘dancing partner’ to join her.

Twitter has since been going berserk over the viral video.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions from Twitter below:




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