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Makhadzi gushes over crazy streaming numbers: Thank you for the love!



Makhadzi reaches groundbreaking streams on digital streaming platforms.

Makhadzi reaches groundbreaking streams on digital streaming platforms.
Image: Instagram/ Makhadzi

Makhadzi recently had fans gushing over her success when she announced she had received a golden plaque for her Kokovha album.

The Limpopo hitmaker took to Twitter last Friday to celebrate her achievement with her fans.

Kokovha album reached gold. I am proud to say I am the first female artist to reach gold in album not a single song. Thanks for your love.”

Managing partner at Open Mic Productions Brenden Maseko clarified the news with TshisaLIVE on Tuesday, saying it was her streaming numbers “for an album” that were a first of their kind in SA.

“She went gold for streaming. Her album went gold, so not one song. There’s no female artist who has reached gold with a whole album. She is the most streamed female digital artist.”

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Makhadzi, who had been revealed as Apple Music’s most-streamed female SA artist on their platform, said she was honoured by the reception of her music.

“It’s a very good thing especially when I look at where I started from. I started at the taxi rank not thinking one day I will be on Apple music topping the charts. That shows God does exist and people appreciate me and my music,” she said.

The singer, who is on a mission to go international, has been trying to get the attention of renowned American singer Beyoncé to work with her in the near future.

“I have been DMing Beyoncé for the longest time. I understand she is busy but I’m praying to God she has to one day have me at one of her concerts so she doesn’t have to open my DM. She must put me on stage with her so we can work together. I believe it will happen.”


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