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VIDEO: Man arrested for chasing wife’s alleged boyfriend with machete




The man chased his wife's alleged boyfriend with a machete

A video of a dramatic incident that ensued on the principal streets of Kumasi has gone viral on social media.

Multiple reports indicate that a man was arrested for confronting another man who he alleged to have been having an affair with his wife.

In the video sighted by GhanaWeb, the unidentified man, wearing a red cloth with shorts beneath, is seen confronting another man in a Land Cruiser V8 in an aggressive manner.

Moments after walking up to his car and throwing punches at him through the driver’s window, the man walks to the front of the car and his subject bolts out of his car.

He returns back to the driver’s side of the car, wielding a machete. Amidst shouts for cool heads, one bystander is heard saying in Akan “he says the guy slept with his wife” followed by multiple shouts of “please calm down.”

The video cuts to a new frame where a police officer is seen putting the attacker in handcuffs and then whisking him away.

Watch video of the incident below:



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