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I’m Very Weak, Be Kind To My Children When I Die – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah To Ghanaians



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It was an emotional moment when Joyce Dzidzor Mensah make a sad appeal to Ghanaians

According to Joyce, she is begging each and everyone to be kind to her children when she is no more.

Recounting circumstances which has led to this sad Announcement, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah explained that, she has been living with HIV for long. However, she always appears to be okay with her condition.

Inwardly, she is a very sad person waiting for death to take her away.

” I was Hospitalized in Germany on several occasions for mental health. I’ve been admitted more than three times Over hyper psychiatric problems.” Joyce wrote in a facebook post.

‘ I think I’m Weak. the time is up. Don’t hate my children for the mistakes I did on earth. Kindly love them and show them kindness” Joyce added.

Her last words dropped many of her followers into tears as they encouraged her that she will be fine.

 Her Post Below:




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