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I’m naturally fair but poverty made my skin darker – Florence Obinim



Florence Obinim2344Florence Obinim


Wife of Ghana’s only Angel Daniel Obinim, Florence Obinim has broken her silence over the tone of her skin which has come under immense scrutiny in recent times.

According to her, poverty made her darker but now, with the blessings of God, she is able to buy good body cream hence the change in the tone of her skin.

“Someone has a chocolate colour but because she’s not financially sound, she cannot buy good cream to make the skin glow, now she has money to buy good creams to make her skin glow why should that be a problem?”

Florence Obinim wants the people of Ghana to stop being negative about the change in her looks because it’s simply the blessings of God manifesting after several years of enduring poverty.

To her, she will continue to enjoy herself on earth and will certainly end up in heaven to enjoy herself there to so her critics should always think about their salvation and not her lifestyle here on earth.



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