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Ritual killings do not work; priests who request human parts are scammers – Kwaku Bonsam




Renowned Ghanaian traditional priest, Kwaku Bonsam, has said that ritualists who claim to have spiritual powers to make people rich overnight are scammers.

According to him, there is nothing like ritual money or money-doubling that ritualists are able to perform.

In an interview with Citi 97.3 FM, the popular traditional icon dared anyone who thinks he is wrong to come out and challenge him with any evidence that they may have.

Kwaku Bonsam further stated that if it were possible to produce so much money, every ritualist would have been a millionaire and not be in the positions they usually find themselves.

Speaking on what they are actually able to do, Kwaku said that it is possible to perform sacrifices with animals so that individuals are able to have breakthroughs in their life and livelihood.

“Human blood is also not required. There is nothing we do with that and I have never requested it. Ritual killings do not work. The ritualists who say they need human parts are scammers who just want to dupe people,” Kwaku Bonsam also said.



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