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Child beggars takeover streets of Kumasi, harass residents




These migrants have also besieged mosques in the Kumasi metropolis

The Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has been urged to ramp up measures to halt the influx of alien child beggars on the streets of Kumasi.

Hundreds of alien beggars have recently invaded the principal streets of Ghana’s second-largest city, the majority of whom are believed to have migrated from Mali, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Chad and Niger.

The recent conflicts in the Sahelian Region have been identified as contributing to this development, as the migrants and their children flee for their lives.

Private and commercial drivers in Kumasi are appealing to the Regional Security Council to remove the beggars from the streets to stop the constant harassment the beggars are subjecting them to.

The beggars are on major streets, such as Amakom traffic light, Kumasi central Mosque, Kejetia, Ahensan and airport roundabout areas.

These migrants have also besieged mosques in the Kumasi metropolis, especially the Kumasi Central Mosque, where most perch.

The manner in which these kids run after speeding vehicles on the streets distract drivers, which equally poses a threat to the children.

These migrants have besieged mosques in the metropolis, especially the Kumasi Central Mosque, where most of them are perching.

Weeks ago, the Immigration Service in the Ashanti Region raised security concerns with some foreign beggars who continuously ask drivers and commuters for alms.

The Ashanti Regional Immigration Commander, ACI Charles Yaw Bediako, noted that some hold sharp objects and weapons to threaten commuters.

In response, ACI Bediako said his outfit was working to ensure the appropriate removal of the foreign beggars from the streets.

Meanwhile, since the immigration service gave this assurance on 4th August 2021 at a news conference at the Ashanti regional coordinating council, nothing significant has been done to address the concerns of commuters, commercial and private vehicle drivers.

Drivers in Kumasi who are concerned about the unfortunate development told GHone news, the presence of minors on the streets sometimes leads to avoidable accidents that need immediate attention by the city authorities, particularly the Ghana Immigration Service.



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