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VIDEO: How 9-year-old boy escapes from kidnappers in Kasoa




The alleged kidnappers are however at large

A 9-year-old boy narrowly escaped death on Wednesday evening at Broadcasting in the Ga South Municipality in the Greater Accra Region when some unidentified men allegedly kidnapped him.

The boy identified as Philip Ametepe told Angel FM’s Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ, that he was sleep-induced after he was accosted by some young men while on his way to look for the cover of his step-mother’s phone which he had misplaced.

“I saw them coming from behind me but it didn’t occur to me that they were after me so I disregarded it. They caught me and covered my mouth with a handkerchief and then I fell unconscious. When I woke up, I realised they had tied me in a sack. But my stepmother sent me to buy a blade and I had kept that in my pocket so I used it to cut open the sack and run away,” the boy narrated.

According to him, he was put in a sack and transported to an uncompleted building in the New Weija suburb where he was abandoned.

He noted that while he regained consciousness and was fidgeting in the sack, he overhead the two kidnappers talking about him saying he was awake and that they needed to make haste with the transportation.

“I overheard the kidnappers discussing among themselves that I should be transported to a new location because by now I had recovered…,” he narrated to Angel FM’s Odehyie Kwaku Asiedu.

According to him, he gathered the courage and cut open the sack with a sharp blade which he had in his pocket at the time of his capture and free himself.

He was later seen by some residents in the area who went to his rescue and helped free him before handing him over to the New Weija Police.

Investigations revealed that the boy was kidnapped in Kasoa and transported into the uncompleted building in Broadcasting and was set to be transported to another location for unknown reasons.

The alleged kidnappers are however at large.

Watch video below:



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