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It’s witchcraft to oppose govt’s Agenda 111 project – Presby Moderator



Presby Moderator JOYModerator of Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. J.O.Y. Mante


• Government’s Agenda 111 project requires support from all Ghanaians

• A top cleric believes opposing the project is indicative of witchcraft

• Prof Mante of the Presbyterian Church wants Ghanaians to eschew over politicization of national issues 

Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev. Prof. J.O.Y. Mante, has ascribed witchcraft to persons who for one reason or the other are opposing the government’s Agenda 111 project.

According to Prof Mante, amid the poverty and lack of basic infrastructure in most parts of the country, the idea of 111 health facilities should be welcomed by all and sundry.

Speaking at the opening of an upgraded health facility belonging to the Church – the Assin Praso Presby Hospital – he stressed that it is not right to allow politics to creeping too deep into our social fabric, a situation he believes is to account for the opposition some people are expressing.

“My biggest surprise Mr. Chairman, is that with the poverty that we live in, someone offers to build 111 health centres and some people are still angry. Is this not a case of witchcraft? Because I can never understand, we allow politics to eat too much into our affairs,” he said.

He also shared the story of how the upgraded health facility came about, recounting thus: “When I was newly appointed moderator, I decided to visit all regions of this country in three months, so there was a time I was travelling from Takoradi to Accra and I saw the signboard here.

“I actually approached and was welcomed to this Presbyterian health centre and also taken round by the official in charge. After my tour, I made a pledge to myself that I will be happy if by the time my tenure is over, this health centre is upgraded into a hospital,” he added, a dream that materialized with the commissioning of the facility.

Also present at the event was Dr Peter K.Yeboah, Executive Director of the Christians Hospital Association of Ghana, who stressed that his outfit will continue to support all efforts aimed at serving remote areas of the country with critical health infrastructure.

Agenda 111 will see to the construction of 111 healthcare facilities nationwide. It shall include 101 district hospitals, seven regional hospitals for the new regions including one for the Western Region and two Psychiatric Hospitals in Kumasi and Tamale.

Agenda 111, launched two weeks ago by the president, is touted as the largest ever investment in healthcare infrastructure in Ghana’s history. Projects are expected to be completed 18 months from the date of commencement.



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