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VIDEO: Motorbike rider snatches phone of traffic police



Screengrabs of rider makng his move, snatching the phone and speeding off

A motorbike rider, popularly referred to as boda boda, in Kenya has snatched the phone of a traffic police months after a similar incident was rubbished by the country’s police chief.

Local media portals carried the story about how the rider in an area known as Kangundo Road monitored the police who was standing by a parked vehicle close to a road.

He starts his bike and rides close enough to snatch the phone and speed off in the direction of oncoming traffic.

The helpless police tries to chase after him but perhaps realizing the futility of his mission stops another motorbike to help with the chase.

“How safe are our police officers on the road if their phones are easily snatched by rogue bodaboda guys?

“If the previous incident was fake, now this just happened today at a shell petrol station along Kangundo Road,” a Twitter user who posted the CCTV footage of the incident asked.

Watch the incident below:




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