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Germany-based Ghanaian journalist volunteers to donate his sperm to Shatta Michy



Germany-based Ghanaian journalist volunteers to donate his sperm to Shatta Michy

Germany-based Ghanaian radio presenter, Henry Ankamah Ennin better known as P Fresh has volunteered to donate his sperm to entrepreneur Michelle Diamond popularly known as Shatta Michy for free.

Shatta Michy is the baby mama of Shatta Wale dancehall musician.

It would be recalled that Michy who has a male child with Shatta Wale relationship ended years ago over claims of cheating.

In one of her recent Snapchat posts, she said she is searching for a sperm donor to assist in having her second male child.

According to her, she does not need a baby daddy but only needs the sperms of a man, insisting sex is not part of the deal. The donor she indicated must be tall, high IQ score, hazel brown eyes, and with a blood group of O+.

“I got a feeling I have seen what my 2nd child looks like in my subconscious. I’m ready, I don’t need a baby daddy, just sperm. Specs needed: 1. Must be tall (I want a giant for a baby ) 2. IQ -130 & above. 3 Eye color -hazel brown 4. Blood type O+ 5. Race-any except Chinese ( I will balance it out )6. If it ain’t a boy, I want a refund. Serious donors only pls. Containers will be provided for sperm collection,” she wrote.


Reacting to this on his show on Fresh Radio Online in Germany, P Fresh volunteered to donate his sperm to Shatta Michy for free.

“I’m ready to donate my sperm to Michy… I have volunteered … With the qualities, I have all…i am tall, etc …She shouldn’t think about paying me any money and I am ready to either fly her to Germany or will fly to Ghana if she is really serious,” P Fresh stated.





According to the fresh Radio Online Presenter, he is ever ready to sign a contract with Shatta Michy to bind him from claiming ownership of the child in future.


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