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WATCH: Akuapem Poloo explains how some Ghanaian celebrities tried to sabotage her



Rosemond Brown aka 'Akuapeem poloo'

Akuapem Poloo broke down in tears in a quest to reveal how some Ghanaian celebrities tried to prevent her from featuring in a Nigerian reality TV show.

Titled ‘Celebrity Build’, Akuapem Poloo happens to be the only Ghanaian who is featured in the series.

But giving a vivid explanation as to how some Ghanaians tried to deny her of the opportunity, she said while in prison some celebrities proposed some replacements to the producers of that particular series.

According to Akuapem Poloo, her court ordeal begun just about the same time as the film productions but luckily for her, the organizers placed the show on hold until she was released.

“Exactly two weeks after I started shooting the series, the court case happened. It really affected me. Even when I was in prison, the organizers came out to support me. Surprisingly, they told me they will wait for me until I am entirely free enough to continue the shoot. They told me that when I was in prison, some celebrities sent pictures of people to replace me with,” she stated in an interview with Michael Ola.

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