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‘We will assassinate you for your comments on NABCO’ – ILAPI boss threatened



Bismark Kwofie.jpegPeter Bismark Kwofie, Executive Director of ILAPI


Executive Director for policy think tank Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation Peter Bismark Kwofie has received death threats over comments he made about the Nation Builders Corps and the decision by the government to give beneficiaries permanent employment in the public sector.

He told Rainbow Radio that the decision to absorb the beneficiaries into the public was financially unwise.

He said the government is broke with high public debt and wage bill and it was unclear if the government could employ all the 73,000 trainees as the total remained recruits in the program as claimed by the authorities.

He had also argued that it was also imperative to ensure none of these recruits are left unemployed because looking at the training models, no NABCO trainee can start his/her own business after exiting from the program.

He said looking at the myriad of challenges on the economy, their transition for permanent jobs into the public sector may delay and near impossible for a majority of the recruits.

“The disappointment would be huge if they are not employed and could lead to serious trust issues of the program,” he added.

But his comments have infuriated some individuals who have threatened to assassinate him.

He allegedly received the threats through social media, calls and text messages.

One of the threats read: “stupid man with stupid comments, we will assassinate you, you better tighten up your security”.

Reacting to the threats, Mr. Kwofie was not perturbed because according to him, he he will always stand for the truth and not be discouraged by such threats.



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