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VIDEO: Lapaz sex workers cry out over low sales after Amerado mentioned them in his beef with Obibini



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Commercial sex workers in Lapaz, a suburb of Accra, have expressed their displeasure over some lyrical statements made by rapper Amerado in his ongoing feud with fellow rapper Obibini in a purported press release making the rounds online.

The two artists took to the booth yesterday to prove to Ghanaians which one among them is more talented and has sick bars in the rap fraternity. This comes after Amerado dared Obibini to respond to him if he was not happy about his freestyle on Tim Westwood in UK.

Obibini accepted the challenge and decided to throw jabs at Amerado with a diss track title Deceased”. As anticipated, Amerado replied with his version titled ‘The Throne’, and ‘unfortunately’ sex workers in Lapaz caught some stray bullets.

In one of his lines, the rapper said: “… wo di ashawofo? w? Lapaz (In English: You sleep with prostitutes at Lapaz)”.

Listen below.

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In a statement on Wednesday, the National Association of Prostitution said the lyrical statement by the rapper sought to “undermine and demean” the “integrity” of its members because their trade is internationally recognised.

They also cried out that since last night their sales have gone down by 50% – a reflection of the impact of Amerado’s statement which has “infuriated many of our patrons and reliable customers.”

The Association is therefore demanding a retraction of the line, public apology and a cash amount of GHS10,000 in addition to 100 boxes of condoms and 100 boxes of Postino 2.

Watch the video below.

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Read the full purported press statement below.

The ongoing beef between the musicians started after Amerado jabbed Obibini in his freestyle rap on Tim Westwood in UK when he appeared on the show with his compatriots Yaw Tog and Kweku Flick.

Amerado used Obibini’s new monicker ‘Wudini’ to diss him and called him a wack rapper who comes nowhere close to him.

When asked to clarify himself, Amerado, in an interview with MzGee on TV3, dared Obibini to enter the studio and respond to him if he feels disrespected by his statements.

his only answer was that if Obibini feels disrespected, he should enter the studio and bring it on.

Obibini first dropped his first diss song titled ‘Deceased’ and he went really hard on the song.

Listen below

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The beef has not yet been settled. Check back as GHPage will continue to keep you posted.


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