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Ghanaian Landlord allegedly tortures his American tenant 67 times




Claude D Convisser

An American citizen, Mr. Claude D Convisser, who lives in the Sagnarigu Municipality in the Northern Region, has accused his Ghanaian landlord of torture and threats to vacate an apartment rented to him.

According to Mr. Claude, a contract agreement he had with the landlord, which allows him to use the apartment for four years has not expired, but the landlord is breaking the agreement to evict him.

Visibly worried Mr. Claude said in the landlord’s attempt to get him out of the house, he has subjected him to all forms of inhumane treatments, including physical torture, which he has reported to police in Tamale.

He said the police were however yet to press charges on the landlord despite his several attempts to pursue the case.

“They beat me up 67 times. I have reported the beatings to the Northern Regional Ghana police service and the Sagnarigu local station. The police have done nothing about the beating which has left me with broken right ribs and a broken bone on my left hand…”

He said fearing for their lives following several threats, his workmates, security guard and house cleaner, have all left the apartment.

The landlord, Mr. Claude added threatened to unroof the apartment and demanded he vacate from the house immediately.

Mr. Claude speaking to the media, appealed to authorities especially the police in Tamale to effect arrest on the landlord and his accomplices, to save him from the continuous torture.

Source: Alidu Abdur Rashid, Contributor


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