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Ending poverty in China; Data speaks



China has lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty since 1970s, and its contribution rate for the world’s poverty reduction exceeds 70 percent. In 2020, China completed its goal of poverty alleviation, and achieved the UN Sustainable Development Goals 10 years ahead of schedule.

What are China’s achievements in poverty alleviation? How did China lift nearly 100 million people out of poverty in 8 years? How does China feed its 1.4 billion citizens? How can students be kept from falling behind? How to solve the problem of poverty caused by ill-health? How can we make rural people’s lives better? Let’s decode world’s poverty reduction by China’s answer.

The video series has six episodes, with the focus of China’s poverty reduction achievements, China’s poverty reduction methods, poverty reduction work on agriculture, health, education and infrastructure respectively.

Watch the video below:

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