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Blow-by-blow account of how Beverly Afaglo’s house got burnt




Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo

• Beverly gives some factors that may have caused the fire outbreak

• The house got burnt on August 9

• Beverly says the fire service personnel could not save the situation

She stood helplessly and watched all that she has laboured for in her entire life consumed with fire. This is the story of Beverly Afaglo who will forever mark August 9, 2021, as one of the darkest days in her entire life.

News of Beverly’s house being engulfed with fire spread like an inferno after the actress took to social media to announce the sad incident.

Giving a vivid account of what transpired in an interview with Andy Dosty monitored by GhanaWeb, Beverly said prior to the incident, her mother burnt some weeds from her little garden at the back of the compound, a situation which she strongly believes might have triggered the fire.

Beverly said her house-help first spotted a thick smoke coming out of her room while strolling the compound to serve lunch.

It was then that the maid asked Beverly’s mother if she burnt some weeds and forgot to put out the fire.

She said: “I live with my mum. My mum has a garden in the house. And with a woman who is almost 80, she resorted to doing gardening. Apparently, she went to do her regular farming, gathered some weeds, and burnt them. According to her, the fire had gone down and she left to relax in the room. So my house help made lunch and served her food and when she was going to my side of the apartment, she perceived the smoke.

“She went through the corridor and realized that the smoke is coming from the back. She opened my door and realized that the smoke had engulfed my whole room. So she quickly ran to my mother and asked if she was burning something. My mother said she was indeed burning something but quenched the fire completely.”

Narrating further, Beverly returned home after she received a phone call, said they tried quenching the fire using water from the polytank but that was not enough to salvage the situation.

“At that time my cousin had returned from picking my child from school so they both went to the back and saw the fire burning massively. They opened the polytank and started pouring the water on the fire. They drove the two cars out of the compound, came back to the house to save some stuff but the smoke did not allow them.

“My neighbour called to inform me about the incident and I quickly jumped on an okada because there was too much traffic. My house-help was much traumatized so she ran away with the first baby to somewhere safe. On my way to the house and as far as Ashaiman roundabout, I could see the smoke coming. We are suspecting the bush my mother burnt. Maybe the wind blew the fire.”

According to Beverly, prior to the incident, her neighbour had always complained about her mother’s incessant burning of weeds. Despite the numerous complaints, the mother did not heed.

“My neighbour wasn’t comfortable about my mother burning weeds all the time at the back of the house. She complained about not liking the smell of the smoke. She complained all the time. But when I told my mum, she did not listen to me. You know these old women,” Beverly stated.

The actress complained bitterly about the conduct of the Ghana National Fire Service personnel who visited the scene. She mentioned that the personnel was clueless.

“The fire service was there but over 40 minutes they didn’t know what to do. They said the smoke was too much so they cannot enter. They resorted to the use of a generator but for over 15 minutes it did not start.

“They stood there helplessly until the neighbours asked them to go to the back of the house through my neighbour’s side and that was how they started. I asked if they didn’t have a plan. Everything was gone. I couldn’t even take my passport. My kids were saved by God’s grace but I lost everything. The police were there, fire service was there. ECG came to switch the fire off,” she recounted.

According to Beverly, the house was not insured. Asked where she spent the night, the actress said she has been in her sister’s house.





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