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We have seen and felt it all in him – Sissaland youth reject Mahama’s 2024 bid



John Mahama Campaign 20The youth group say there is nothing new John Mahama can offer Ghana as president


• John Mahama says he will compete the 2024 elections

• The Young Patriots of Sissaland are questioning what new things he will bring on board

• They claim he will suffer a massive defeat should he attempt it again

A group calling itself the Young Patriots in Sissaland, has said that they are no longer interested in a bid by the former president, John Dramani Mahama, to lead the country.

In a statement made available to GhanaWeb, the group said that all that is needed from the former president politically have been seen already and so, it would be needless for him to make any more attempts at returning to the high office.

Authored by Bawah Chakilia Latif, the Acting Communication Director of the group, he said that it is unconscionable that even after people have advised him against it, John Dramani Mahama will still be hatching plans of returning to office as president.

“After John Mahama’s humiliating defeat in 2016, his younger brother, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, told a group of senior journalists on behalf of John Dramani Mahama that John Dramani Mahama has given his all in politics to the NDC and Ghana and it is fair for him to rest.

“According to Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, they have advised John Dramani Mahama not to make a comeback in 2020 and he has agreed with them. Unfortunately, few days later, he started embarking on “Unity Walks” across the then ten regions of Ghana,” the statement said.

They continued that the fact that John Mahama eventually announced on Twitter that he is coming back, shows that he does not have the nation at heart.

They added that even if he wins the primaries at the National Democratic Congress level, he will suffer a massive defeat on the national scale.

“It appears former president John Dramani Mahama has mistaken the gullibility of the NDC members for all Ghanaians. In 2024 again, we will remind him and the NDC of the disdainful treatment that his government meted on us. We are well-discerning Ghanaians without short memories who are willing to remind former president John Dramani Mahama and the NDC that there is a tolerable level which our wisdom would be undermined,” it said.

Besides, the statement added, the former president has been at all levels of political administration and as such, there will be nothing new for him to present to the people and for which reason he should not even consider the thought.

“The good people of Ghana do not need former president John Dramani Mahama and the NDC in 2024. We have seen and felt it all in him. He had been a Member of Parliament, a deputy minister, a vice president and a president in the fourth republic. He has nothing again to prove,” the statement explained.



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